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Re: Updates

Ed Greshko wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

For what ever reason, this mailing list seems to be failing in its attempts to help you. Have you thought about dropping in on your local high school to see if they have a computer club? You may find someone there that is willing to help with "hands on" help. I think that is better suited to you than "long distance learning".

No I checked the college and 100 percent are using Windows or Mac. They are a lot smarter than I thought.
If you are saying they are "smart" for going with Windows or Mac only...and you are still on Linux then maybe you need to get smarter yourself and switch to Windows or Mac?

Also the problem is too hard for me and it appears for you and all the others. I am not surprised either. I said the results using livna and freshrpm were the same but that is not true. Here is what I get from freshrpm:
I am 100% sure that myself and others would be able to get your system up and running with vlc if they had access to your system and could run the keyboard.

So you can compare the two and see if it helps you understand. I do not.

I'm not very interested in looking at the output of 2 out of X commands that you've typed and try to ascertain from that what *MAY* be the problem. There is just too much left to the imagination.

FWIW, I had neither livna or freshrpms repos enabled....nor did I have vlc installed. So, for the fun of it I did just that and am currently watching Casino Royale. Attached is the relevant portion of the yum install.


Very good and thank you for the file. Nigel used apt-get which is a bit different. So lots to try and see what happens. I am sure yum remove left a mess.



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