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Re: License Issue

Alan Cox wrote:
On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 17:17:09 +0300
"ismail bushar" <sam33ool1 gmail com> wrote:

Hi all, I knew for fedora am free to anything I want in the any way I like
but if the issue coming to RHEL
we are trying to install RHEL in our pc's we have hundered of pc's in
different location but it's owned by only one company, so my question is:

should we buy only one RHEL and distributed in all pc's  or its depend
about  how many pc's we have and if there any way to read full license for

I am talk specially about RHEL 5.0 or further official release. thanks

Really you want to ask Red Hat about this.

RHEL is a support and services package rather than just bits of code so
you need one license per supported system. If you have a large number of
machines contact the sales department and talk about company wide
licensing options.

Red Hat UK Registered in England and Wales under Company Registration No.
03798903 Directors: Michael Cunningham (USA), Brendan Lane (Ireland),
Matt Parson (USA), Charlie Peters (USA)

If you need support for each machine then from my own experience I can tell you you will need a separate license for each. Without a license you won't be able to update from the the redhat repositories.

You could technically just buy one license, update only 1 machine and copy over the RPMS to your own internal repository so you can still update all the other machines from your repo although I am not sure about the legal ramifications on that one. Therefore this is just an idea.

If you do not need support from redhat then you will be better off running Centos 5.1 which is a rebuild of Redhat.


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