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Re: Updates

Craig White wrote:
On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 06:15 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
Craig White wrote:
On Sun, 2008-01-13 at 18:53 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
[root localhost ~]# yum install vlc
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
Resolving Dependencies

    So you can compare the two and see if it helps you understand. I do not.
1. why is it that the second run shows livna and only livna while the
first run not only shows freshrpms but also fedora and updates?

2. at some point, you are going to have to decide which you want to use,
livna or freshrpms because it takes extraordinary skills to manage to
use both without killing yourself.

3. What is output of 'yum repolist'


What I was doing was moving livna and freshrpm in and out of the /etc/yum.repo.d/ directory. And between moves I always did yum clean all. I didn't want to be getting files from each of them :-)
I am on F7 now so yum repolist will not be accurate. For sure that is not the problem. The problem has to be something left on F8 after yum remove pulseaudio* was finished. I do not know what yum does but expect it is like rpm -qiv and it finds something left over from files that have been removed and thinks the whole is on the computer. Then it discovers the incomplete files do not do the job and errors out looking.
you have an uncanny ability to see only what you wish to see and ignore
all evidence that disputes the reality of your situation.

witness Ed's comment that concurs with my assessment...

Simply put, (feel free to respond with "I told you so") both repos contain vlc, x264 and other packages. These repos are mutually exclusive. Unless you are interested in inflicting pain on yourself do not, at any time, enable both. And never, ever....unless you know what you are doing use more than one of these on your installed system. Pick one...and stay with it.

by the way Ed...I told you so   ;-)

Therefore, Ed is concurring with my #2 point.
Therefore, Karl is ignoring both points 1 and 3 and point #2 is a point
that Karl wants to believe that he understands.

Therefore, it is pointless to continue on

Thanks for playing


   I agree with all three of your points. But you have to start with one.



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