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Re: LiveCD with KDE-4.0.0 anyone any luck?

Claude Jones wrote:
On Saturday January 12 2008 1:22:21 pm Dave Stevens wrote:
I have downloaded and burned it ok and it booted and ran fine.
I always suspect dirt in the optical drive first. Has it been
cleaned recently? or ever?

You raise a flag. I have often thought dust was the #1 cause of CD/DVD optical drive demise. It just makes sense. The units aren't sealed, and you have fans inside the computer pulling air in through every crack and crevice it can find - over time, dust builds up, and light doesn't penetrate dust. So, my question... Have you found a technique that actually works to clean them? I've tried gently application of air and those cleaning discs, but, I've never had much luck with either.

Computer cases "suck". I built a fan box that sucks air through a HEPA filter and blows it into my case. Positive pressure in the case, no dust anywhere. Try it, you'll like it!



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