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Re: Google Earth

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Claude Jones wrote:
| On Sunday January 13 2008 11:25:43 pm David Boles wrote:
|> "fault the young"? Who you callin' young? This month I be 58
|> too. (said in 'southern' so you will understand more better
|>  :-p  )
| I see your self-reporting on your imminent participatory demise,
| of a few days ago, were greatly exagerated......... ;-)

Go back and re-read what I wrote. I said, first, that I might just lurk
and not try to help. Or maybe just leave. This, IMO, was *not* helpful in
any way.
~ ;-)

Many, most actually, of the problems, real, imagined, or self inflected
that are asked about on this list don't pertain to me anyway. I have only
been fooling around with Linux since 1999 or so. Learned some in those 9
years. But I have no formal training and I don't do this for a living. So
I decided to let the pros deal with the constantly recycling questions.
That covers the lurk part. There are several posts now that I have ideas
for but the pros will get to them I am sure.

The leaving part will happen when I get bored.

- --

~  David

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