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Re: Problem with RocketRaid driver installation

Erik P. Olsen wrote:

OK. I've come a bit further. RocketRaid 1720 support for the SATA arrays comes in a form that has to be copied to a floppy which in turn is loaded by the anaconda installer such that it may access the array and install products on it. However, the only support which is not installed on the new system is the RocketRaid 1720 driver itself. No wonder I couldn't boot the system.
Sell the card and use software raid.
Back in the 2.2 kernel days those consumer hardware raid cards may have been worth something performance wise, but now, especially with how fast cpu's are, software raid makes so much more sense for anything that doesn't require a hot swap chassis and backup battery to the array.


Software raid does use cpu cycles, but cpu cycles are constantly being thrown away, and with software raid, you don't have the additional single point of failure in the hardware card (defective/dying cards can corrupt an array), you don't have issues where you have to use the same brand of card to get your data off of it, you don't have the issues of the raid tools not working with new kernels, and software raid really is fast now.

You also don't have to match drive sizes and brands when a drive dies, just make the physical partitions used for the array the same size.

That's my advice.
Less headache, same data protection.

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