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Re: Installing from Fedora Live CD

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:

My question was: can one install Fedora-8 itself,
either from the iso on a hard disk, or over a LAN?

I guess one could install the Live CD,
and then use this to install the full Fedora-8.
But is there a more direct way?

The install icon installs F8 not the Live CD

I clicked on the Install on Hard Disk button,
and a Fedora system was indeed installed on my hard disk.
[It did not work - I used the KDE-4 Live CD -
but that is a separate issue.]

By "full Fedora-8" I mean of course the system one would get
by installing from the Fedora-8 DVD.
I don't see how this could be squashed onto the Live CD.

In F7, at least, there were some minor differences, for example
NetworkManager was on by default on the Live CD and also on
systems you installed from it.  I thought F8 was going to have
NetworkManager on by default in both cases, though this doesn't
seem to be the case.

In any case, I was given no choice of what packages I wanted to install
when I clicked on the Install button.
I assume that a small subset of the packages on the Fedora DVD
were included.

IANAFD, but you might view this as the Extras/Core split.

Two comments based on the full install, whether the situation
is the same for the Live install I don't know.  You can, if
connected to the internet, use the 'everything' repository
during an install from the full DVD, I'd have thought this
was the same for the Live disc.  It was also possible to
get to the old package selection menu, though to get there
you need to select a review packages option when you choose
what type of install (desktop/server/development).

At this point anyway, whatever you install you will be
downloading it again as updates, so it's almost worth
being minimal.


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