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Re: How to configure window focus behaviour?

Nico Sabbi wrote:
Il Monday 14 January 2008 23:58:36 Cameron Simpson ha scritto:

He's no so much annoyed by modal dialogues (which are an immense
app UI design failure, but that's another topic), but that they

You're typing away in a terminal, some dialogue pops up and your
keyboard focus isn't in the terminal any more. If you're really
lucky you were finishing a pargraph and pressed [Enter] and the
dialogue took that as [OK] and did something. Who knows what? The
dialogue will probably have closed itself!

It's perfectly possible for a window manager to prevent this, and
KDE can. So can FVWM.

He's asking if the Gnome WM can prevent this. It's looking like
maybe it can't.

you couldn't have explained this problem more clearly :)
I'm very susprised that so few users complain about this behaviour
of Gnome's WM

I doubt if most people run things that pop modal dialogs when they aren't expecting them. When you are expecting them it is equally annoying for something to pop a dialog box where nothing else is going to happen until you've typed in it and leave your focus somewhere else.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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