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Re: Looking for a fast printer

Thomas Cameron wrote:
All -

I am looking for a fast printer for home which will Just Work(TM) with
Fedora.  I print primarily black and white, so that's the main desire.
I've seen a couple of inexpensive color/black and white printers that
boast up to 40 ppm but they seem to use a ton of ink and refills are an
arm and a leg.

Anyone got any real world experience with good cheap black and white
printers that don't cost an arm and a leg to operate?

If your need for colour is minimal, I suggest two printers:
1. A laser printer that does (or emulates) Postscript. I have a Kyocera chosen for its lowest running costs, but wish I'd got a duplex model. If you think you might want photocopying and/or scanning, HP has good support for its multifunction devices such as the laserjet 3032/3035 (the latter does fax too), but neither of these does duplex.

2. A colour inkjet. HP and Epson are good choices; an important differences is that (at least for the cheaper printers), HP ink carts include print nozzles/heads, if one becomes blocked then replacing the cart replaces the problem, whereas a similar problem with an Epson means new printer. Consider whether you want to print CD/DVD media or photos, these are possible with various inkjets but not with laser printers.

If you would like to do more than a few colour pages a month and do not want to print photos or on CDs, then a colour laser makes sense. I've not tried any, but I would expect all but the cheapest to just work. I would google though.


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