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Utility to convert M$ *.mix graphics files.

	G'day all,
		Does anyone know of a program for F7 to batch convert photos from the
M$ Photodraw *.mix format into something more useful, such as jpeg?  We
have many photos which I downloaded from the camera straight into
Photodraw years ago, (before I knew of Linux) but the kids now want to
use them since we have the new laptop with F7.  For now it looks like
converting them one-by-one on the old Win98 lappy, which would be a very
long and slow job.

	I've trialled a couple of Windoze programs, but the batching ones won't
touch the *.mix format.  Apparently M$ used different types of *.mix
formats over the years which makes it tricky.  I haven't found anything
for Linux, yet.  One forum site looked good with links to RPM downloads,
but one link didn't work and the other went to a site in French, which
looked more like a telecommunications site.  I s'pose the program there
would be in French too.

	I'll keep looking.  Thanks in advance


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