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Wireless configuration with FEdora core 8

I am a Linux newbie.

I installed Fedora 8 on a Dell  Latitude C810 Laptop.

The kernel I first Installed was

After installation I connected my Linksys WUSB54G Ver 4 wireless card. After a little playing I got it connected to my home wireless network.

The update system downloaded the updates available including kernel

After installation completed the wireless refused to connect. I tried different things that I found on the Internet. It attempted to connect but with no success.

As far as I can tel with wiconfig while the network manager attempt to connect is that the SSID stay blank.

If some one can give me instructions on what is needed to give better information for support I will be glad to do so.

One more question.

Can you please tel me how to adjust the sensitivity of the touch pad.

Thank you for your patience with this newbie.

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