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Re: rdesktop woes

Hi there,

Well, works here just like a charm (on FC6, 7 and 8). First thing to do,
is checking your firewall / software firewall on all the machines. Or your
network acl's etc... is it all open?


> Hi,
> 	I can't get rdesktop to work right on my Linux computers.  None of the
> 3 work right.  The symptom is the same on each:  a window opens and then
> closes too fast to see anything in it.  I have verified that each
> Windows XP machine I am trying to connect to works between themselves.
> I can open Remote Desktop sessions (using the RAIncident files that
> Windows XP creates) between XP machines, but not from Fedora machines to
> XP.  I have tried on FC6, FC7, FC8.  No dice.  Does anyone have any
> clues as to what might be wrong?  I installed rdesktop-1.5.0-2 for fc6
> and fc7, and 1.5.0-4 for fc8.
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