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Re: Updates SOLVED!

On Tuesday 15 January 2008 15:39, Karl Larsen wrote:
> Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > On 15/01/2008, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
> >>>> OK I am convinced. There is something on MY computer I need to clean
> >>>> out. I have used "yum clean all" many times and it doesn't do anything
> >>>> at all it seems.
> >>>>
> >>>> Do you have any idea what else needs cleaning?
> >>>
> >>> "yum --enable=freshrpms clean packages" or
> >>> "yum --enable=freshrpms clean all"
> >>>
> >>> when you work with repositories which are disabled by default.
> >>
> >>     How are those above different than # yum clean all?
> >
> > "yum clean all" only cleans the cache for each _enabled_ repository.
> >
> > When you have disabled freshrpms by default, "yum clean all" does NOT
> > touch anything in /var/cache/yum/freshrpms/.
>     Well I did do all the manual clearing of /var/cache/yum/freshrpms/
> and it still fails. So does it fail when I force it to use livna.
>     It is simply a case where if you use # yum remove pulseaudio it does
> but it takes with it critical files that are not easy to replace. There
> is somewhere a file missing or a simlink broken. And I and everyone on
> this list can not find it.
>     So I say lesson learned is DO NOT use yum remove unless your a real
> expert.
> Karl

Hi Karl. It's not so much having to be a real expert, but being carefull, not 
to allow the removal of a package, if it wants to remove half of the 
operating system at the same time.

For example. Removing pulseaudio-libs will also remove the following pkgs.
SDL, SDL_image, akode, akode-pulseaudio, ekiga, gstreamer-plugins-pulse, 
kdemultimedia, kdemultimedia-libs, libflashsupport, mpeg2dec, mplayer, 
mplayerplug-in, opal, pavucontrol, pulseaudio-libs-glib2, pulseaudio-utils, 
pwlib, vlc, and wxGTK.

There is no way that I would allow that lot to be removed.

There is only one component of pulseaudio that you actually need to remove to 
disable pulseaudio, and that is the alsa-plugins-pulseaudio package, then 
your sound apps will use alsa directly again, and the rest of the pulseaudio 
stuff can remain on the machine.

Why not reinstall the pulseaudio packages. Synaptic shows the following 
packages installed.
pulseaudio, pulseaudio-core-libs, pulseaudio-esound-compat, pulseaudio-libs, 
pulseaudio-libs-glib2, pulseaudio-module-gconf, pulseaudio-module-x11, 

Doing the above though is not going to reinstall all the deps that "yum remove 
pulseaudio-libs" removed. For example on my list of deps to remove above, 
some of these are specific to what I have installed. I use KDE, and 
kdemultimedia, and kdemultimedia-libs are listed. Also I have Mplayerplug-in 
installed, and it wants to remove it, along with mplayer that mplayerplug-in 
installed as a dep.

One that you might want to check you have installed is akode. Trying to remove 
akode-pulseaudio also wants to remove this.

Ones related to vlc that are going to be removed are wxGTK, mpeg2dec, and 
SDL_image. I see that SDL is also going to be removed, so I'd check to see if 
that is still installed, and if not reinstall it.

Quite why the vlc related deps are being removed is anybodies guess, as if I 
go to remove vlc, no deps are going to be removed, only vlc itself. The same 
goes for mplayer. The only dep that's going to be removed with mplayer, is 
mplayerplug-in, and that is understandable, as mplayer is a direct dependency 
of mplayerplug-in.

opal, and ekiga are both teleconferencing packages, and don't see how they 
would cause any problems if removed. Not sure about pwlib, and if that's 

I must say that I am very cautious when I see loads of seemingly unrelated 
deps that are going to be removed along with the package I want to get rid 


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