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data recovery help?


I am using the recent F9 rawhide live CD to try to recover data from a 
non-booting Windows XP laptop. The CD boots to a command line prompt and 
won't run X. I don't much care. I made a new directory, /mnt/c, and 
successfully mounted the NTFS drive, /dev/sda1 there. [BTW, the NTFS-3G 
mounting correctly detected an unclean shutdown on the NTFS drive and 
correctly set out the command to use if I wanted to force the mount. Some 
nice work has been done there, this used to be like tooth-pulling.] 

The data is intact and my immediate job is to get it off the HD and on to a 
working USB hard drive. I have the external drive plugged in and powered up 
and I don't know what device driver to use to attempt to mount it. Anyone 
know? (eg, /dev/usb0??? or what?)


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