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Re: rdesktop woes

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Paul Lemmons wrote:

XP Home does not support rdesktop. You must be running XP Professional.
I think I need to get this statement clarified.  Windows Remote
Assistance works just fine to and from Windows XP Home.  Are you saying
that Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home use different versions
of the RDP?  And that rdesktop only supports the RDP version used by
Windows XP Pro?

Hmmm, if that's the case, then I had better change my plans to use my
local windows computers to help debug my Mom's computer.   sigh

OK, I tried again.  This time from my laptop Linux to my VMWare Windows
XP Pro session (  I set up a Remote Assistance request
(is this correct?) on the Windows computer, then I tried to connect:

rdesktop kjcpc

and it fails in remarkably the same way.  *This* Windows is XP Pro.  I
*MUST* be doing something fundamentally wrong here....

Why aren't you connecting with protocol 4? It defaults to 5. There was an earlier thread about this, and it is from one of those that I found this answer, so I'm no genius; I simply research old posts and pay attention to the solutions others found. Let's look again at Paul Lemmon's example:

rdesktop -Txyznbu1 -nmybox -g1270x950 -a24 -rsound -b -4 xyznbu1
^----------------------- use -b -4


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