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Re: Wireless problems

Alan wrote:
I have a Broadcom chipset wireless card running under F8 (64-bit).  I have
the correct firmware installed. The wlan0 interface comes up.

If I try using the Network setup to connect to a wireless network much of
the time it refuses to connect.

If I use Wireless Assistant, i get a small list of networks.  I can
connect to them, but much of the time I cannot get a dhcp address. If I
can connect, the connection is spotty and will hang and disconnect often.

If I scan the network with Kismet I see a large number of networks in the
area,  (Many which Wireless Assistant does not see.)

Do I need to use the command line to connect?  Is there a different dhcp
client I should have installed?

Is there a known bug here?

I had this working in F7.  (And FC6 and before.)

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

i've had this problem before when there are a large number of networks, the problem i found was that everyone was trying to use the default channel 6. changing to a different channel fixed the problem


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