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Re: How do I update the repository groups file comps.xml

Ashleigh Kennett-Smith (ashman) wrote:
I have upgraded to Fedora 8. Last year I was using Fedora 7, anaconda etc and pungi to create my own private repository and spin my own distro DVD.

However, since switching to Fedora 8 I have continual problems with missing package groups file/definitions. I believe this is comps.xml. However, I cannot work out how to consistently update this file. I need to have the groups defined in my private repository and on my re-spun distros.

Web searches have not helped much. What seems to work *sometimes* is
cd ..../i386/Packages
createrepo -g comps.xml .


Here are the createrepo commands that I use with pungi to do my respins:

/usr/bin/createrepo -qd --groupfile /etc/pungi/Fedora-8-comps.xml /var
/yam/f8-i386/fedora/ >> /var/log/yam.log 2>&1
/usr/bin/createrepo -qd /var/yam/f8-i386/updates/ >> /var/log/yam.log 2>&1
/usr/bin/createrepo -qd /var/yam/f8-i386/livna/ >> /var/log/yam.log 2>&1
/usr/bin/createrepo -qd /var/yam/f8-i386/freshrpms/ >> /var/log/yam.log 2>&1
/usr/bin/createrepo -qd /var/yam/local/ >> /var/log/yam.log 2>&1

This happens in a cron job right after I rsync the repos.

The local repo is my own set of local apps.

As you can see the first one uses the groupfile. This is the one that I edit when I want to add stuff to my 'other' group.

However, pungi does not behave exactly the same with groups, and does not include my other group even when specified in the kickstart file I use for a respin.

I now have to list every package in my 'other' group in the packages section of the pungi kickstart file.

The 'other' group, however, works perfectly when used in a kickstart for the actual install.

Hope that helps.

A copy of my respin kickstart file is here:

A copy of my comps.xml used in the above is here: Save as -- it will eat your browser if you try to view it! :)

A sample kickstart used for an install from USB stick is here:

And no, I do NOT distribute. :) These respins detailed here are for my own personal use.

Good luck!

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