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Re: Installing from Fedora Live CD

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:
I guess one could install the Live CD,
and then use this to install the full Fedora-8.
But is there a more direct way?

The install icon installs F8 not the Live CD
This might be clearer:
- the live cd is essentially a size / functionality constrained Fedora install, that has been configured to be bootable and runable from CD {or so} size. It still has the rpm db and yum capabilities.

- installing the live cd copies the filesystem of the installed live cd from the CD {dvd} to your hard disk. The result is a Fedora system that includes all the stuff that the live CD had, including rpm / yum.

- on the hard disk {or usb etc} installed system you can use pirut or yum install/groupinstall to add other packages you are interested in. Pirut in the browse section is laid out according to comps.xml, that the dvd install iso uses for anaconda, in case you are familiar with that.

IMHO, there is no such thing as a Fedora standard install dvd - we choose what we want and don't want during the installer. In fact the DVD is limited too, since it needs to fit onto DVD whereas the Fedora Everything {used for yum install etc} is like 10GB of binary rpms these days.

There isn't room on the live CD to also fit the stage2.img {anaconda gui installer}; you could use the rescue cd {100M} to do a text or gui mode network install, or even vmlinuz/initrd from the pxeboot folder {ftp,dvd} to start a network install.


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