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Re: That ole Livna Problem/That ole VLC Problem

Les Mikesell wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Michael Schwendt wrote:

On 16/01/2008, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
In a console:

$ wget -c http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-8.rpm
$ rpm -ivh livna-release-8.rpm
last time i looked, you could do all that in one step:

# rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-8.rpm
Yeah, see my other reply from two minutes before yours. ;)  There
has been a thread on fedora-devel some time ago where Panu mentioned
that this feature would/might be dropped from RPM. Further, it's a
bad habit of mine to suggest wget/curl plus rpm because with that
combination, a copy of the downloaded package is saved in local dir
and can be reused in error conditions, whereas rpm works with a tmp
file. (not so important for tiny files, though)

true enough.  i actually would never use the above shortcut for
anything but the most minor of downloads and installs.

Or you can just click on it in a browser and let the browser run rpm for you. Unless you just like to type...

And I have been thinking that up to last week, I could get vlc any time I wanted. I am sure things are different now. And I am sure it will get easy again soon.


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