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Re: Sofware experience - 3D CAD

Brian Chadwick wrote:
I would have thought a google search would have found these links for you:

Last time I checked, didn't offer a current version for Linux and the Linux version was missing many items in comparison to the Windows version. Looks more promising that it did.

I will download the demo and give it a try today.


I cannot find any examples on there site on engineering drawings.

Looks worth trying but I cannot find if it supports Autocad files.

Not much info on their site. Will have to try the software if I have time. Doesn't look like it is a drafting package as much as an interface between packages.

Do a google search ... there are others as well

I wanted experience and references. I have checked and bookmarked these except the qcad3d link. I even checked the qcad site yesterday but no mention of 3D.

The autocad part is going to be an issue.

I don't care if it is commercial but I have to place the order in 24 hours for a commercial product. This was a short notice on the ability to purchase.

Robin Laing

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