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ntfs-3g drives mounted on desktop F8


I've installed F8 (finally took the 64bit plunge and it seems to be
going well so far).  This machine has two ntfs partitions on it and
under F7 I used ntfs-config to set them up.  One is used for
Windows and I want it read-only, the other is for shared data
and can be read-write.  When I installed F8 I discovered they
showed up in the computer folder and mounted them from there;
now they are both on the desktop, described as "30.3 GB
Volume" and "32.6 GB Volume" and both read-write.

What I want to do is give them rational names and change one
to read only.  I have installed ntfs-config to set one of them up
to a sensible mount point, but it still appears on the desktop
as "30.3 GB Volume".  Is there any sensible way to fix this?
(I assume I could do some funny HAL rules, but that seems
un-necessarily hack-ish.)


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