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Re: Linux Friendly Hardware Database ??

On Wednesday 16 January 2008 01:16:01 am Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Many moons ago I bough a Sony DVD burner.
> It worked in Linux from day one - worked extremely well.
> I finally ran out of my supply of DVD-R and bought another 50 spindle.
> It will not burn to them - first spitting out the disk and sucking back
> in, and then failing when it comes to the burn.
> I googled the error and found that my drive is old enough that for the
> new media types, I need to update the firmware on the drive. Went to get
> the new firmware, and read the instructions. You can not update the
> firmware from a DOS boot floppy, you update the firmware from within
> Windows.
> That's a bit of a problem for me, I do not have windows, and this is NOT
> the kind of task I would expect to work in wine (though I may be wrong,
> I kind of doubt it would).
> So I'm on the hunt for a new DVD burner, but I'd like to find one that
> allows firmware updating via boot floppy or bootable flash drive. I'm
> having trouble finding one.
> Is there a hardware database of Linux friendly hardware that takes into
> account things like firmware updates?
> I hate having to replace hardware that otherwise functions perfectly,
> but just needs new firmware.

I sympathize. In the same situation I removed the CD burner and installed it 
temporarily in a Windows box, updated the firmware, and returned it working 
to the LInux computer.


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