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Re: Wireless/NetworkManager problem?

>> When I start my laptop I get the "Secret required by wireless
>> network" dialog.  I enter the password and click the "Connect" button
>> and I get a message flag that says "Disconnected."  If I try to
>> connect again I get the same thing one more time.  After that I have
>> to click the NetworkManager applet and select my wireless.  Then it
>> does the same thing again.  If I log out and log back in though I get
>> the "Unlogk Keyring" dialog. I enter the key and it connects up just
>> fine.
>> This only happens on my laptop and not on my desktop.  Both computers
>> have F8 i386 installed.  Both are up to date.
>> Any ideas?
>What wireless card/driver are you using?  If it is the "b43" driver, you
>need to get the next kernel. (2.6.23-12-99 or somesuch.)  It fixes
>problems with the b43 driver.


Thanks for the response.  I discovered that it is related to XFCE and 
not just the laptop.  I posted this revision with modified subject;

"I had a thought and tried it using Gnome and it works fine.  So the 
problem is not with my laptop but with XFCE.  If I start cold or 
restart with XFCE as the desktop I have the problem in both of my 
computers.  If I use Gnome it doesn't do it."

I have the latest kernel and the problem occurs with 3 different 
chipset wireless adapters.  So the fact that one of them is bcm43 is 
probably not this problem.



Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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