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Another list

I have two  Fedora systems, My firewall gateway running  F6 and my local
mail machine  running FC3(!?!), on which  I am getting  ready to install
F8.  I am assuming that this evolution may not go all that smoothly, and
I may  need to  ask folks of  the sort  found on this  list, BUT  I have
genuinely had it with the drivel from Karl.

Karl is a  seriously damaged individual.  I think he  is not stupid, but
he is  one of  the laziest people  I have  encountered in the  nearly 25
years on the I have been "on" the net.  He seems unwilling to do his own
research into  solutions for his  problems from the  extensive resources
available on the net, and only after his own research fails to enlighten
him ask  for help for  people on the  fedora list by  asking INTELLIGENT

I note that he seems to lack sufficient knowledge or accurate world view
that would allow  him to evaluate the advice he receives  and to use the
advice to solve his problem,

Karl is certainly not unique;  I have seen similarly equipped (?) twits,
but Karl has exceptional persistence in his laziness.

He seems  unwilling to learn on  his own, even partial  solutions to his
problems.   He is however  willing to  heap abuse  on people  whose only
"sin" is to offer solutions that he doesn't think will solve his problem
or which do not solve the problems after his in-artful attempt to modify
the advice he receives to fit it to his warped view of Linux.  I know it
has been tried before, but until he acknowledges Linux is not Windoze.

So I  am looking for a  source of assistance  should I need it  from the
net.  My  only requirement would  be that the  source be a  "Karl Larson
Free Zone".  Do I have to set up my own?


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