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Re: Updates SOLVED! ... Or is it! ... vlc won't install

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On 15/01/2008, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
   Well at this point I know a great deal more than YOU do about yum. I
am sorry you had no working ideas but thanks for a try at least.


What is the output from package-cleanup --problems and from
package-cleanup --dupes ?

That's completely irrelevant to the problem of yum failing to download
the "vlc" package from freshrpms.

Is it irrelevant? He mentioned using the --force option for rpm. He could have uncompleted rpm transactions, multiple version installations and other problems.

VLC installed fine for development when I used it for a test, so something was mangled on his system which was preventing vlc installation..

This has got to be the longest solved thread on any mailing list.

It would have been so easy to adjust the subject-line appropriately
and continue in the ongoing thread.

Yep, vlc fails to install or something along those lines would be more appropriate.

I guess the problem was solved with a clean installation so the problem is solved for now.


Flee at once, all is discovered.

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