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Re: Safe removal of pulseaudio

Karl Larsen wrote:

My F8 had a lot of rpm's with libs and binary files that make up a working system. I find it to my advantage to remove these files. I used a method I thought was going to be automatic using "yum". I used "yum remove pulseaudio*" and I got a long list of things being deleted. I didn't pay much attention but discovered my entire system was killed!

When I installed F8 and after getting it set up I put the F8 DVD back into the computer and looked at all the rpm's loaded and went to those with pulseaudio in the name. There were about 5 and it was simple to erase them if you picked the right ones first. I used no "rpm -e --nodep" and they all are gone. I then had a total "update" and I looked at /var/log/yum.log and see no more pulseaudio updates. This may have been because I erased the original ones.


if you dont want to use pulseaudio regress to Fedora 7. its that simple instead of trying to to do inexperienced surgery on F8

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