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Re: Safe removal of pulseaudio

Ed Greshko wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:

This is on a freshly installed version of Fedora 8. The *nodep* option to rpm replaces the --force option
I'm not so sure this is an accurate statement...or maybe I misunderstand what you are saying....

For the rpm command the --force option means:
             Same as using --replacepkgs, --replacefiles, and --oldpackage.
while --nodeps simply means:
Don’t do a dependency check before installing or upgrading a package.

I guess what I was trying to get across was the not needed options when using rpm. From your description about --force, it sounds less deadly than using --nodeps. At least the whole previous package will be overwritten and either upgraded or downgraded. I assumed force meant to install under any condition and did not realize it would still take into consideration the dependencies.

Both exist and they are not equivalent. Or maybe that isn't what you meant to imply.

You enlightened me regarding the --force option. I have used --replacepkgs --replacefiles in combination before and --oldpackage usually singularly but never investigated the --force option because it intimidated me from usage from its name.


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