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Re: Anyone using Partimage?

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 22:41:03 -0400
Jorge Fábregas <jorge fabregas gmail com> wrote:

> On Wednesday 16 January 2008 09:44:17 pm Aldo Foot wrote:
> > Jorge - Would you like to try some other tool?
> > I run FC8 and have used gparted to resize/delete/create partitions.
> > I have even done the above operations on a Windows NTFS filesystem.
> > Get the Live CD here http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/
> > Boot the system with this CD and off you go.
> Hello Aldo,
> Partimage is a partition backup tool. It's not a tool to
> create/modify/delete partitions such as fdisk, cfdisk & gparted.
> That's basically what I'm into it.
> Partimage is supposedly one of the best tools around to backup
> partitions (as image files) and I have used it on the past (on other
> machines) successfully. I just want to rule out if there's any known
> issue with partitions created with  the Fedora installer.

I actually prefer G4U for imaging disks/parts

Best regards,

parallel processors running perpendicular today

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