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Re: Does NetworkManager Work with WPA in Fedora 8?

Rick Bilonick <rab <at> nauticom.net> writes:

> #        subject_match="/C=GB/L=York/O=University of York/OU=Computing
> Service/OU=Terms of use at www.verisign.co.uk/rpa (c)05/OU=Authenticated
> by VeriSign/OU=Member, VeriSign Trust Network/CN=nasaaa1.york.ac.uk"
>         phase2="auth=MSCHAPV2"
> #        priority=5
> }
> I have no idea what the function of the "subject_match" line is but I've
> commented it out and I'm able to connect (after doing an "Activate" in
> the network gui tool).

The subject match line verifies the certificate is from the authority it is 
supposed to come from - so that line would need to be changed to that
for your organisation's server - commenting it out will certainly be fine
with a "slightly" less secure connection in that it is possible though
unlikely someone could forge a certificate and you then connect to an AP
that is not verified. 

I will leave others to answer the other parts of the post - but I do 
remember that NM has problems with wired connections - I never use it 

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