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Re: How To Find Out Fan Speed Via Software

max bianco wrote:
> I ran sensors-detect as mentioned at the beginning of the thread and it
> helped straighten out some temp issues I was seeing via the sensor
> applet. I still don't have fan speed and such but i did not follow
> through on all the instructions from sensors-detect which included( i 
> am not at the machine in question) pasting something into the /etc/rc  .
> I wasn't really sure and really didn't have time to do it. Anyone know
> if this will help with getting the fan speed ?
If I remember correctly, Fedora takes care of this for you.
Depending on your motherboard, you may not be able to get fan speed.
Not all motherboards support this. (Also, not all fans report their
speed.) Before you put a lot of effort into this, I would go into
your BIOS and look for something like hardware monitoring. (The name
varies.) If you have voltage and temperature readings, but not fan
speed, then you probably do not have the hardware for it. If the fan
speed shows up as 0, then you probably do not have fans that report
their speed. (2 wire fans, or fans that connect to the drive power
supply connections.)

If your motherboard and fans do support fan speed, then you may have
to edit /etc/sensors.conf to get a proper readings. The fan speed
setting may be commented out. It can be a problem figuring out the
correct configuration for your system. It would be nice if their
were a standard configuration, but the configuration isn't even
standard for all the motherboards by the same manufacturer.

There is site that has configurations for the more popular systems,
but I don't have the URL handy. You will have to search for it,
unless someone else has it handy.


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