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Re: Wake On LAN on Fedora 7?

Andrew Junev wrote:
Hello All,

I'm trying to get Wake-On-LAN working on my Fedora 7 machine. The LAN
controller is a built-in one on an ASUS P5KR motherboard. WOL is
enabled in BIOS. I usually shut down the machine using a 'Power'
button on the case itself.

The problem is that the 'wake-on' parameter changes to 'd' (disabled)
when I shut the machine down, so WOL does not work.

After searching the Net, I found a nice article:

The correct way to do enable WOL is to add the following to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:


Once this is in place, WOL should work after a normal shutdown, with no initscript modifications. If you have to hit the power button because ACPI bugs are preventing soft power off, it probably won't work either way, and you should file a bug report.

	-- Chris

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