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Re: Linux Friendly Hardware Database ??

John Summerfield wrote:

I've never had the need to upgrade the firmware in a CD/DVD drive.

What does Sony support say? Sony has some involvement with Linux.

CDs burn fine.
The problem is with newly manufactured DVD-R media.
The firmware needs to be updated. Fortunately cdrecord is smart enough to know not to try - rather than make coasters (like some windows burning software will do)

Old DVD-R media burns fine, it's just the newer manufacturing processes.
What I guess I need to do is find a supply of NOS 8x media online - as my local places are only carrying the 16x media that uses the new manufacturing method.

Sony support said they will not support my drive in Linux.
So I replied truthfully that I have used nothing but Sony drives since my first IDE cd burner because they always just worked, and now I'll have to find another vendor.

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