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Re: [OT] postfix and multiple domains help

Mike Burger wrote:
Mike Burger:
See my reply in the redhat list.
John Summerfield:
That's not really very helpful.
Though, if they have RHEL...  Haven't they paid for support?  And isn't
there a RHEL list like this one?  And has that person replied there
where it's on topic?

In all fairness, as the person who posted the first response, it may not
have been "helpful" to folks on the Fedora list, but, as was noted above,
this isn't the RHEL list.

Since I had already posted a response on the redhat list, and cross
posting is frequently frowned upon, if not actively dicouraged, and since
anyone could go check the archives for the redhat list, I dind't think it
a problem.

AFAIK the redhat list has been dead for some years, its need would have passed along with RHL9.

I could see no clue that the OP had posted to any other list; had such a clue existed I would have ignored the whole thing.

Had I been the first to reply, odds are good I'd have told OP where to go.



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