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Re: sun acquires MySQL

Christopher A. Williams wrote:

Of interest, he also spoke of that the are intending to compete with
Linux as opposed to anyone else. If you don't think Sun sees Linux as a
threat, you're smoking something.

We should welcome the competition, it will keep Alan and his mates honest:-) And busy.

It's an interesting contrast with IBM and AIX: IBM has asserted that it will be quite happy to retire AIX, when Linux offers sufficient performance. In the meantime, one can buy any[1] IBM Box with Linux.

Side Note: I find that amazingly ironic after loading up a virtual
instance of Solaris Express DE the other day. It looked amazingly like
Linux - from Gnome to bash instead of ksh (OK - so the home directories
were in /export/home instead of /home), and with "Java Everything"
splattered all over the place.

Well CDE looked pretty gruesome when I had a quick look a few years ago.

Anyway, he grudgingly acknowleded after some pointed persuasion from me
that their true competition was in Redmond and that they should pay
closest attention there. I also told him that Sun should be careful with
licensing lest the community fork the code and run elsewhere with it -
something he also acknowledged quickly.

Does Redmond have anything to run on *sparc*?

It's not long ago that Sun tried to drop Solaris on IA32.

[1] Maybe not _any_, but close to that.



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