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Re: Firefox, mutt, kicker, konsole crash after FC8 update

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 22:20:04 PM -0700, Craig White
(craigwhite azapple com) wrote:

> ----
> no way that should have happened...you clearly have corrupted volume(s)
> and you need to back up your documents (settings if desired) and clean
> install. 
> The thing I would be worried about is why this happened because it would
> seem likely to happen again.
> In other words, I can't believe that an update would cause the
> corruption unless the hard disk map was already broken and then the
> updates merely exacerbated the problem.

OK, but even if there's nothing else to do but a clean install, before
I back up (hoping tar isn't corrupted either...) how can I find out
exactly what is broken (sw, hw...)? If nothing else, to report a bug,
be sure that it's just a sw and not hardware problem? Also because if
the _disk_ is broken, there's little point to reinstall on it, is

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