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Re: [OT] postfix and multiple domains help

John Summerfield wrote:
Mike Burger wrote:
Mike Burger:
See my reply in the redhat list.

AFAIK the redhat list has been dead for some years, its need would have passed along with RHL9.

I could see no clue that the OP had posted to any other list; had such a clue existed I would have ignored the whole thing.

Had I been the first to reply, odds are good I'd have told OP where to go.

Yes, I'm the OP. Yes, I DID post this on the RH list, which is quite active BTW. Yes, the system I'm working on IS RHEL. However, this problem not being STRICTLY a RHEL problem, I posted it to both the RH and Fedora lists. Why? Because postfix runs on both platforms and my hope was to find ANYONE that might have an idea, since I'd exhausted all my other resources. I could have lied and said that this was a Fedora system and would anyone have known the difference? No. I've posted problems in here (and I'm sure others have) that aren't strictly Fedora related, just to find HELP. I don't want to be on a list for every distro and application I use, who does? It's overload. Most of us use more than one distro, most of us use the same basic set of applications, so why not go where there might be help?

You know, there used to be a time when a post like this wasn't flame bait. It was either resolved in a friendly manner (and I do thank Mike Burger for the reply) or taken off-list to be resolved. I'm really rather disappointed at the vehement nature of an in ceasing portion of the posts ( and, indeed, replies) on this list. Bad attitudes seem to be becoming more and more the norm around here.

In future I will be more selective in what I post here, as well as in who I decide to try to help.

Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt -- Caius Julius Caesar

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