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realplayer and pulseaudio on F8

This is mainly a happy story, but things could be better.

Under F7 i686 I ran a nightly build of realplayer (from
<helixcommunity.org>) which understood ALSA.  As
such I was able to set up a dmix device for it and it
played happily with the rest of the system.

When I moved to F8 I changed to using the x86_64
system, and the first thing I did was try a 64bit realplayer
build.  After changing it to use the hardware device
(as it wont output to a pulse ALSA device), I discovered
a. The sound warbled.  The closest effect to it that I've
  heard before is where there's a rate mismatch and the
  buffer keeps running out.
b. The mozilla plugins wouldn't work, with or without
  nspluginwrapper.  I'm hypothesising that despite being
  included with the 64 bit build they are intended for 32
  bit realplayer.

So, I changed to a 32 bit build of RP.  I have it outputting
through a dmix device set to 48kHz as otherwise it runs
too fast (i.e. if I load a file on the machine it plays it back
at an incredible speed and a high pitch).  It now runs
okay both stand-alone and as a browser plugin.
However, because most things use pulseaudio now
(including flash and rhythmbox), using RP is mutually
exclusive with most other sound apps.

I /think/ the solution to this would be to set up a dmix
or plug device going into the pulseaudio ALSA device,
but I've had a couple of goes and can't work it out.
Any suggestions?


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