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Re: Thread Stealing [was Installing MP3 for Amarok? How?]

On Thursday 10 January 2008 12:30:35 Dan Thurman wrote:
> It is interesting that I am definitely using Kmail!

I am, too.  Here's how I handle it:

1.  Create a new filter: Settings->Configure Filters...
    a.  Match all of the following: List-Id contains <fedora-list.redhat.com>
    b.  Filter Actions: Move Into Folder <name-of-folder>

2.  Apply the new filter to inbox: select all messages, Message->Apply

3.  Select the new folder (containing all of the fedora-users

4.  Folder->Mailing List Management: check `Folder holds a mailing list'

5.  Folder->Thread Messages to make sure Kmail displays threads

Now, when you select the mailing list folder, right click the folder
name and you will see `New Message to Mailing List'.  Use this command
to create a new thread.  Of course, just reply to an existing thread,
if that's what you intend.

Garry T. Williams --- +1 678 656-4579

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