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Re: Having a hard time copying root filesystem to new drive...

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

mount: could not find filesystem '/dev/root'
8)  mounted the new / partition to /mnt
9)  cd /mnt
10) cp -a /{bin,dev,etc,home,lib,opt,proc,root,opt,sbin,selinux,srv,sys,tftpboot,usr,var} .
    Note: Copy of dev, proc and sys does report errors as far as links and sockets, but
          otherwise I assume this is ok, since how else is one to get these copied over?
11) Manually added the mount directories: boot, mnt, media
12) Manually added the otherwise empty directories: misc, net, tmp
    and manually set the chmods and permissions

A 'cp --one-file-system -a / /mnt' should have done the same...

11) edited /etc/fstab with new labels - different from original fstab
21) edit /etc/fstab and ensure labels are correct

You also have to edit /etc/grub.conf (actually the target of its symlink which may not be there if you haven't mounted your /boot in its relative position). From rescue mode you might mount the /boot partition somewhere, then look for grub/grub.conf. The root= in the kernel lines have to match where your new / partition will be.

Hmmm... You should be able to hit a key to get to the grub prompt when booting and edit this on the fly instead of a rescue boot again. Then once you are running, edit /etc/grub.conf.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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