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Re: F8 is a problem

Karl Larsen wrote:
Yes I know Fedora is a testing ground. Yes I know most of you tigers think I am stupid and for some good grounds. But I am a muli-million dollar person who worries not about gasoline prices or where the next meal comes from.

But I DO worry why I can't get F8 to work. It works a few days and then goes to hell. So I am back here on F7 which seems to work well. At least the audio is good and I can do things I must.


I still have an Fedora 7 system, not because one version is problematic over another but because I downloaded the image and never burned a DVD for the other computer yet.

I do now have a problem with the Fedora 7 computer where nmd or some other factor related to names for the server to connect is busted but I can still use the ip. The speed for transfers is faster than the windows server for the same task, so I'll wait for a fix once I get the DVD burned for an upgrade or just wait until Fedora 9 is released.

Basically, if one version works for you and is still supported with updates, there is no great reason to rush for an upgrade in version. If Fedora 7 works best for you, you have awhile before it becomes unsupported. Fedora 9 is not yet in the alpha phase so time is not critical.

Regarding finances, I'm far from rich.


"But I don't like Spam!!!!"

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