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Re: Windows Network

Dr P Dupre wrote:

On a FC7 machine, Windows network does not show any machine, when from
a microsofy machine I can see plenty !

In addition  system-config-printer gives me an error:
 There was a problem connecting to the CUPS server.

Are those things correlated ?

Possibly. Do you have samba installed?i
Yes, seems running fine

The FC7 machine does not see the "microsoft machines", when these ones
see each other. Why should this have something to do with the
firewall of the FC7 ?
The XP machines run a firewall but this should not prevent to see the
machines, eventually, the FC7 machine will not be able to login.

Am I wrong ?


 Does your firewall have the ports for
samba open? Are you attempting to connect to a printer on a Windows computer? Does it have a firewall? What kind of firewall does it have? Is it Norton or McAfee ? Both Norton and McAfee suck donkey balls. You are pretty vague about what exactly you are doing. Perhaps if you are more specific , then you will get more help. I understand the frustration but you claim the Dr title so perhaps a little maturity and composure are in order.


Quit whining and check the firewall config. Check the workgroup/domain that the windows machines use. I use the only linux based workstation where I work and i have no trouble accessing the windows network. I see even the hidden shares. So have you considered maybe your missing something simple or is your first reaction to start complaining to the list. How about a list of the things you have checked or tried to adjust to solve your problem. BTW the point of a firewall is to interfere with things. Half the firewalls designed to work with windows don't work as advertised more than half the time. I see more of windows and its idotic problems than i care to discuss.

Good Luck.

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