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Re: I just wanted to burn a CD from a .iso

| From: Robert L Cochran <cochranb speakeasy net>

| D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:

| > I tried k3b, my normal tool.  Tools: Burn CD Image.  When I clicked
| > "Start", it hung, not even updating the window damage.
| >   
| Are you sure the drive is working?

Yes, I'm sure.  If you read to the end of my too-long story, you will
	The cdrecord command worked when I used dev=/dev/scd0.

The real k3b problem was something screwed up with NFS, I think.  But
why lsof needed to do a stat on that mount point is not at all clear
to me.  Nothing to do with the actual burner.

| Did you put a writable CD or DVD in the
| drive? And if you are writing to DVD, is the DVD the proper type, of +R or -R?

Through all this I had a blank CD-R in the drive.  The final cdrecord
command burnt a CD that I could then boot on another computer (the
original point of the exercise).

| Have you run `mount` to see the optical drive device?

Mount does not know what to do with a blank CD.

| I don't often need to burn a CD or DVD -- today was my first time in a while
| that I've done it. I much prefer using flash drives to transport files.
| Capacities are generally larger, and flash drives seem less prone to damage
| than CD/DVD media.

I needed a bootable CD.

| If I must burn a DVD, I like to use growisofs.

I don't know if it knows how to do CDs.  I do know that it won't do
--padsize=128k when burning a .iso.

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