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Re: Firefox, mutt, kicker, konsole crash after FC8 update

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 07:48:16 AM -0700, Craig White (craigwhite azapple com) wrote:

> agreed, if the disk is unreliable, there's little point of continuing to
> use it.
> rpm -Va > /tmp/package-verification.txt
> would probably be a good place to start

I just ran this, and it does look bad. Summarizing:

4296726 lines of the form 'error: rpmdb: damaged header #39 retriEved -- skipping'

1129 lines reporting files with mismatching Size, MD5 checksum or modification time, or
in the forms:

prelink: /u
.......T d

what now? (let's assume the hard disk is fine, I'll check it with the
utilities mentioned in another post)

I'll reinstall if need be, but is there another way, if nothing else
to learn something about rpm and yum? What do you suggest to do to restore the corrupted packages and the rpm db, apart from removing and reinstalling them by hand one by one?


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