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Re: mplayer vs realvideo

On Sat January 19 2008 06:04:25 Tim wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 06:27 +0000, dexter wrote:
> > http://www8.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/windows-essential-200710
> >07.zip
> >
> > or install Realplayer for linux, copy the codecs remove realplayer
> > sorted.
> I'm curious why you suggest to install the windows-essential archive
> rather than the Linux one?  Have you noticed any difference in
> behaviour?

Good question, now I think about it I don't know. Ahh(/me scans the thread) 
the OP was looking for drv33260.dll the windows equivalent of drv3.so.6.0.
Sometimes I'll test both Linux & windows codecs for picture quality especially 
when watching the STS missions (nasa-tv) I've seen marked differences at 
times, Linux is the default.

> The website says that one should pick the package meant for your CPU and
> OS.  I can see a few differences in the archive contents, ones that each
> other doesn't have:
> Linux has
>  drvc.so
>  dspr.so.6.0
>  sipr.so.6.0
>  tokf.s.6.0
>  tokr.so.6.0
>  vid_3ivX.xa
> Windows has
>  drv33260.dll
>  drv43260.dll
>  pncrt.dll
>  sipr3260.dll
>  tokr3260.dll
>  vmnc.dll
> I never did manage to get Linux to properly play a real media file that
> I tried, a while ago, no matter what I did.  It would play sound, but
> not the picture.  I eventually got mplayer installed on Windows Vista to
> play it, though.

Vista, Vista well you let the side down I'm afraid :-) No seriously I'm 
streaming patrick as we speak not the link you point to as I watched that on 
tv here in the uk the cosmic debris link (no difference codecs wise) 
> This clip:
> <http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/check/science/space/realmedia/skyatnigh
> Found on this page:
> <http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/space/spaceguide/skyatnight/proginfo.shtml>
nice page, bookmarked.

All these codecs will play the links: rv3040 rv3040win rv40 rv40win. I always 
make use the cache & bandwidth options when streaming realvideo on the 
command line (see other post) or get mplayerplug-in (point'n click) and watch 
from firefox. 

$mplayer -cache 128 -vc rv3040 -bandwidth 4000000 \ 

-vc is not needed generally if you put the codecs were mplayer will find them.
post back with the command line used if you get stuck.


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