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Re: mplayer vs realvideo

>> I'm curious why you suggest to install the windows-essential archive
>> rather than the Linux one?  Have you noticed any difference in
>> behaviour?

> Good question, now I think about it I don't know. Ahh(/me scans the
> thread) the OP was looking for drv33260.dll the windows equivalent of
> drv3.so.6.0. Sometimes I'll test both Linux & windows codecs for
> picture quality especially when watching the STS missions (nasa-tv)
> I've seen marked differences at times, Linux is the default.

I've had mixed results watching NASA TV while on the same box.  I
suspect if you disconnect and reconnect from their server, you don't
always reconnect to exactly the same system, or the route may change.
We watched the second shuttle to launch after the hiatus on different
OSs simultaneously, and got variable results on all of them.

>> I never did manage to get Linux to properly play a real media file
>> that I tried, a while ago, no matter what I did.  It would play
>> sound, but not the picture.  I eventually got mplayer installed on
>> Windows Vista to play it, though.

> Vista, Vista well you let the side down I'm afraid :-)

;-)  It came with the new laptop.  Hideous it is, too.  It's only real
use that I make of it is with DVD shrink.  No, not piracy.  I actually
produce videos, but our stand-alone DVD recorder doesn't make very
compatible discs.  So I use it to make discs that will play on clients
machines without problems.  If only I could do that with Linux.  I
haven't figured that out yet.  Might not need to, though.  The DVD
recorder is dying, and I shan't be sad to see it go.

> No seriously I'm streaming patrick as we speak not the link you point
> to as I watched that on tv here in the uk the cosmic debris link (no
> difference codecs wise)

You're sure the two clips are encoded in the same way?  I'll have a try
at the next clip later on.

> I always make use the cache & bandwidth options when streaming
> realvideo on the command line (see other post) or get mplayerplug-in
> (point'n click) and watch from firefox. 

I find watching in a browser terrible.  You've little control, and
things often get stuck, and you're only recourse is to reload the page,
often starting a long clip from the beginning, only for it to fail again
later on.

I usually use the dumpstream option with mplayer, and play back the file
afterwards, or start a second instance of mplayer playing the file as it
downloads a few seconds later.

> post back with the command line used if you get stuck.

I'll have a try later.  Today I'm peeved at DVD technology, so I'm
leaving alone a few things that have tried my patience for a bit.  

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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