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Re: F8 is a problem

Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 17:38 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
Yes I know Fedora is a testing ground. Yes I know most of you tigers think I am stupid and for some good grounds. But I am a muli-million dollar person who worries not about gasoline prices or where the next meal comes from.

But I DO worry why I can't get F8 to work. It works a few days and then goes to hell. So I am back here on F7 which seems to work well. At least the audio is good and I can do things I must.

I know you don't listen to Karl's opinions but this one reflects mine
exactly. After watching comments on f8 for several months I installed
I waited because I was not sure whether the f8 version does not have
basic problems.

So I installed it yesterday as I have been installing RedHat and Fedora
versions since RH 4.2. The good news is that it recognized my sound card
while previous versions since FC6 did not. The bad news is sound seems
not to work right. I guess I will have work on pulseaudio.
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Good. That is normal when you first turn on F8. Are you all updated? It might should work with pulseaudio if that is done. If you want to run pulseaudio I suggest you join their list. I got it all working but two of my main applications didn't work.



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