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Re: Off Topic: can anyone recommend a USB KVM

On Jan 19, 2008 10:18 AM, Claude Jones <cjones levitjames com> wrote:
though not a strictly Fedora question, I hope the accumulated knowledge-base
here can point me at a solution

Does anyone know of a KVM that accepts USB mice and keyboards, both as inputs
and outputs? One that actually works? I've tried a StarTech that seemed to
offer the features, but, had a disclaimer in the docs which arrived with it
which said it may not, and it indeed would not... I don't want one of the
ones that accepts PS2 mice and keyboards for various reasons.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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I'm using a 2-port CablesToGo at home with a USB mouse and a PS2
keyboard, Fedora 8/FC6 -- seems to work fine.
I've got a 4-port CTG at work switching WinXP/FC6 that works fine
as long as I remember to switch "Auto-follow" back on after power
failures.  I don't use any of 'em from software, only push buttons.
Dick S.

Dick Seabrook ~ Anne Arundel Community College
http://enterprise.aacc.edu/~rhs ~ Speed the Net!

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