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Re: F8 is a problem

Craig White wrote:
On Sat, 2008-01-19 at 09:00 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:

You never mentioned Nvidia which is a thorn in my side. I can't get Fedora to send me updated Nvidia drivers with each new kernel because I can't find the right rpm on the non-fedora repo called freshrpm.repo. The addition of that repo srewed up my yum to the point I re-loaded F8. I thought it was all my doing that was causing my problems. Nice to hear there are deeper problems that are assisting my trouble. Somehow I got update to send me the Nvidia drivers along with each new kernel on F7. I will stay here.
you don't need freshrpms to get nVidia dynamic installation, livna has
them too.

with Livna, you only need to run...

yum install kmod-nvidia

they couldn't make it any easier...



   Sure they can. It needs to be yum install nvidia :-)

But thanks I had no idea that nvidia was on livna. That is good. I will try it on F8. I must have tried it on F7 earlier.



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