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Re: Installing nvidia driver from atrpms ... and another yum problem

Saturday, January 19, 2008, 10:59:36 PM, you wrote:

> Hi,

> There is some kind of bug in F8's and F7's yum that sometimes makes it
> pick i586 instead of i686 packages. You can help yum by specifying the
> arch explicitly like for example

> yum install kernel.i686

>> So I decided not to continue with the
>> installation. Then I tried to run 'yum update' without installing the
>> new driver and I got the following error:
>> --> Processing Dependency: /boot/vmlinuz- for package: fuse-kmdl-
>> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
>> Error: Missing Dependency: /boot/vmlinuz- is needed by package fuse-kmdl-

> That's another bug that has been fixed (I think) in the latest yum. So
> do a

> yum install yum

> first and then try again.

Ah, that seem to solve the problem!
I actually did a 'yum update yum' which was successful.
And now a 'yum update' is running, no errors so far.

When it finishes, I'll try to install the nvidia driver.

Thanks a lot!!!

Best regards,

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