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Re: HELP: External 250G USB screwed with GParted

Aldo Foot wrote:
On Jan 19, 2008 9:56 AM, André Costa <blueser gmail com> wrote:

Hi François,

2008/1/19 François Patte <francois patte math-info univ-paris5 fr>:
Hash: SHA1

André Costa a écrit :
advice will be welcome.

Change the usb cable.

I had a lot of error like this with a bad cable:

device descriptor read/64, error -71
But, given that it was working with this same cable and it stopped
working in the middle of a GParted session, I'm not sure it will work
(it's the cable that came with the device), but... as I said, I gotta
try everything.

Right about now is when I put my gloves on...
How about taking the HDD out of the USB enclosure and attach it directly
to a machine via IDE cable? Then partition or you could try all sorts of

This CD has several HDD tools.

good luck.

Don't know why you use gparted to format an external HD...
I didn't want to use GParted to format the drive, just to repartition
it (after all, this is GParted's purpose, isn't it?). I was going to
format the partitions (NTFS, HFS) on WinXP/OSX respectively.

Thks anyway for the suggestion, if nothing else works I will try
changing the cable. I still hope some other ideas will popup -- I
still can't see what I've done wrong that could have caused this,
there should be a way out.



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I have a USB X-835 USB 2.0 Hard Drivekit made by ADS Tecnologies Inc but made in China. I have a 15 GB regular IDE hard drive in it and I can do anything I want, to the hard drive right thru the USB port.

   Do you for sure have a 2.0 USB in your computer?


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